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2014 Medal Carnegie Hall Of Excellence Gala Honoring Oscar De La Renta

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First of all, we know what you’re thinking. What? Oscar de la Renta had a black son?! Yes, he did. 30-year-old Moises de la Renta was adopted from Oscar de la Renta‘s native (yes, native) Dominican Republic just 24 hours into his life. Moises was adopted shortly after the passing of Oscar’s first wife, Francoise, who died of cancer.

So why was Moises in jeopardy of losing his share of the will? Because in 2005, he started his own women’s clothing line and Daddy de la Renta was all in his feelings about it. Unimpressed, he reportedly told New York Magazine, “Moises did a little line, five or six pieces. But that doesn’t make a fashion designer.”

Almost ten years later, the legendary designer passed away at 84 years old, and now the will is seemingly penalizing Moises for a work ethic that his dad did not approve of. He will reportedly receive a very small portion of his father’s $26 Million estate, which is in the control of Oscar de la Renta’s widow, Annette de la Renta.

According to court documents, Moises has been warned that if he contests the will at all, he will be cut out of it completely.

Wow. Glad we didn’t piss off Oscar de la Renta.

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