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The Golden Collection Trunk Show

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Yesterday, Countess Vaughn showed up to the Golden Collection Trunk Show in West Hollywood with what some have called a look that was “interesting.” Interesting because she seemed to have used make up that severely lightened her complexion. Unsurprisingly, the Internet  – mostly Instagram – expressed their displeasure by calling out the countess.


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This morning she posted a response on Instagram:

Sorry my make up was to light last night is this better. Lol

I think many of us have gone out thinking that our look was on point, only to realize that we messed up the make up and everyone notices. The difference is we’re not famous and won’t have a bunch of strangers on the Internet ripping us to shreds because of it. That said, this is an interesting dynamic because it does bring up the conversation of skin lightening in a different way. Now we all know the heated debate surrounding using actual skin-lightening creams, colorism, and beauty. But as far as make up goes, is this another way for people to “lighten” their skin because in their mind, lighter will make them more beautiful?

Do you think the countess just made an honest mistake or was she really trying to look lighter?

Countess Vaughn Responds To Criticism About Looking Too Light  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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