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QVC, America’s fave home shopping network has recently come under fire for a segment that appeared featuring an African-American woman modeling a handbag and sporting her natural hair.  As QVC host Sandra Bennett (pictured, below right) and a representative from the Dooney & Burke handbag company describe the handbag, they also made unflattering comments about the hair. Were the coming for the natural sister?


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In the video, Bennett and the unidentified handbag spokesperson are discussing a specific purse. Then, as the camera pans over the model, they begin making hair references. One says, “You might look back and think, ‘Why’d I wear my hair like that?’ but you’ll like your bag still.” The other says, “That’s right. You won’t look at your hair in the picture; you’ll look at your handbag.”

The model apparently overheard the women’s comments because at one point, her facial expression changes to an ever-so-slight scowl.  Blogger L.A. Moore of Bougie Black Girl reached out to Bennett via Twitter to voice her opinion about the seemingly politically incorrect hair comment.

Bennett offered an apology stating that the comments were not directed at the model and the intent was just a lighthearted one.  The hostess claims her goal was not to offend and the statements were just uttered during the wrong moment in time.  Bennett claims she addressed the matter with the model, who reportedly said she did not take the comments to heart.  Bennett also apologized to the viewers who were angered buy her spoken words via Facebook…are you buying it?

“Hi everyone. I want to apologize to anyone I offended during a recent Dooney & Bourke show. I made a comment along of the lines of when you carry a Dooney, you look good even if you don’t do your hair. It was meant to be lighthearted, but in the middle of my comment, the camera cut to Michelle, an African American model. I want to be clear that I was in no way talking about her. It was just terrible timing. In fact, despite how it may have appeared, I didn’t even realize this had happened until today when I saw some comments on Facebook and received a phone call. I have since called Michelle to apologize and thankfully, she didn’t remember the comment or even know any of this had happened. I’m confident that anyone who knows me personally understands I would never even think to make such a connection. Still, in our business perception is reality and I’m mortified that I gave that impression. So again, I’m very sorry to our viewers who felt hurt or angered by my comments.”

Check out the video of the interesting turn-of-events….

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