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While you were sleeping, Beyonce pulled another sneak attack and dropped that “Flawless” remix featuring Nicki Minaj we told you was coming…and it’s explosive!

If you thought Sasha Fierce had come back to play on the first version of the track that’s filled with unapologetic candor that Beyonce had never really gone there with before (“This my sh*t, bow down b*tches”)  she definitely ups the ante in the remix.  Bey lets us know what time it is in the opening lines of the song, where she spits: “these thots can’t clock me nowadays!” Let’s pause.  Did you ever think you’d see the day that Beyonce used a acronym like “thot” (that hoe over there), like it’s nothing? The megastar is officially done playing nice with whoever set her off and her naysayers, in general. “You can say what you want…I’m the sh*t,” she belts on repeat later in the song, but before she gets to that she had some other business to tend to.

So as we know, the world has been waiting for Mrs. Carter to say something about that very public family feud in which we all saw  Solange beat Jay Z like he stole something.  Beyonce seemly avoided all parts of the Met Ball brawl opting to shrink to the back of the elevator,  before emerging from it all with a pageant smile for the people. The incident was followed with a neat and tidy press statement that the family released on a united front to squash weeks of speculation about what actually happened. Well, now Bey’s addressing it through song, in a much less PC way than she has to date:

We escalating, up in this bit*h like elevators/Of course, sometimes sh*t goes down when its a billion dollars on the elevator/Of course, sometimes sh*t goes down when its a billion dollars on the elevator

Yep, she says it twice and adds a cash register sound effect and a hearty laugh, so we know it’s real.

Rumors about Jay Z and Beyonce getting a divorce have been rampant since Cartergate popped off and have only gained traction as the couple has traveled on their current On The Run tour. But when it comes to speculation that her sister and husband’s  altercation might be the demise of The Throne, the queen seems to be brushing off the chatter and sending the message that sometimes it bees like that. And there you have it.

With all that Beyonce has going on in this remix we almost didn’t need an assist, but Nicki jumps in and offers her own jolting lyrics  that demand attention.”Like MJ doctor, they killing me/Propofol, I know they hope I fall,” she raps in reference to the drug that contributed to the death of Michael Jackson (still too soon?). The line spawned the Twitter hashtag #LikeMJ that  immediately climbed the top of worldwide trending topic lists alongside #FlawlessRemix. Among other proclamations, the  Young Money rapper also crowns herself the Queen of Rap, dubs herself an A-lister and notes she’s “slaying with Queen Bey.”

Wheew! One thing’s for sure: the ladies are fired up on this remix but did it get you going? Listen to the remix below and tell us what you think!

Check out this gallery to see even more times Beyonce has subtly addressed the recent rumors about her: 

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