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t.i vs floyd mayweather

Welp…so much for that truce! Floyd Mayweather let some serious disrespect towards T.I. and Tiny fly out of his mouth a little while ago at a press event for his upcoming  Mayweather vs. Maidana fight! And let’s just put it like this…if T.I. was looking for him in aFatburger before …he’s gonna tear up a McDonald’s trying to find him when he hears this!

Take a look at what Floyd said in the video below beginning at the 2:19 mark…

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Mark our words…NOTHING GOOD WILL COME FROM THIS! That was childish of Mayweather.  There was no reason to show off that way and to do it at a press event was even worse! Why you ask? Well, because he knew we the press would hear about it and be forced to write about it.  Thus ensuring  T.I.’s phone would start blowing up immediately regarding what he said!

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C’mon Floyd that woman is someone’s mother. And she wasn’t some random he met in a club either. They’ve known each other for years.  So what he did was disappointing at best.

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But the worst part is…there is no way to know if it really went down like that or if he said it just to make T.I. lose his mind early on a Saturday morning.

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We hope T.I. will be able to ignore those immature antics for the sake of his family.

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