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We knew it was going to be fighting on the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion show. But a full out brawl? Leave it to the Atlanta cast to exceed expectations.

Allegedly the main contenders were Joseline Hernandez and Althea, also referred to as “Hoethea,” depending on what day of the week it is. There’s no surprise the Puerto Rican Princess took this opportunity to tear into Benzino’s girl of the season. Here are three reasons she had to drag that (oh wait, wrong show), but you know what we mean:

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1. She smashed Steebie 

We all know how crazy Joseline can get when it comes to Stevie J, so Althea sleeping with him easily put her number one on Joseline’s hit list. We don’t know much about Althea, but what we do know is that she is a THOT. She knew she was smashing the homie and didn’t care. And it’s one thing not to care if the homie was like, Trey Songz. But Benzino? Have this girl no couth?

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2. She popped off at the Sleazy & Zinos grand opening  

Joseline already didn’t like her for starting drama at Stevie J and Benzino’s restaurant opening. Who asks their boyfriend’s ex if they’re missing the “D”? Hoethea, that’s who. She attacked Karlie Redd and created a scene over Benzino’s alleged small penis. She started out messy, and Joseline has been plotting ever since.

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3. Her man is messy, too!

It was reported Benzino is the one who actually started the brawl. He made a comment about Joseline and Stevie J being on drugs, so you know they weren’t letting that one slide! Stevie J and Benzino went at it, so if Joseline is the ride-or-die chick she claims to be, it only made sense for her to go straight for Althea’s jugular.

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There’s really no telling what other things Althea did behind-the-scenes that earned her beat down from Joseline. Do you think Althea deserved a beat down from Joseline? Let us know what you think in the poll!

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