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I am no stranger to reality TV; I love “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” I’ve watched a couple of episodes of “Married to Medicine,” and I always flip to “Blood, Sweat and Heels” when I can catch it, but I had never watched an episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” until I caught an episode the other night while lazying around at home. I know most reality TV lovers have been on that bandwagon for so long, and everyone’s now well acquainted with the ladies and gentlemen of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” As an uneducated onlooker, here are my first impressions of all the chaos.

Joseline Hernandez

Joseline is exciting to me. I love her thick accent and outgoing, confident nature. Watching her go shopping and requesting more boob-exposing tops (with an already killer cleavage-game) was amusing. She makes me think of how much fun and empowering it is to be a woman in a clothing store when you love your body. Knowing nothing about her relationship with Stevie J, other than the fact that he has been rumored to be screwing around with someone as basic as Althea, I rooted for Joseline as she simply packed her bags and left him in the driveway, refusing his offer to help her pack up the car. I like her and her wild, free-spirited nature, and will probably continue watching mostly because of her.

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Mimi Faust

“Accidental” sex tape my behind. Not only was that completely premeditated, but she also doesn’t seem to be responding to the inevitable backlash with 100% conviction. Yes, she is a grown woman and clearly made a decision, but she still seems like she’s reluctantly biting the bullet and going with the flow because the moment passed for her to act on her reluctance and actually speak up about it. That passivity can be the most destructive thing to a person. Also, I haven’t even seen the tape (and don’t plan on it) but I’m pretty sure someone shot it for them, because she is definitely not a good liar. And her boyfriend Nikko Smith seemed to me like just some nasty, manipulative, idiotic- ugh, we’ll get to him in a minute.

Stevie J

The episode I watched did not involve very much of Stevie J, except for when he tried to convince Joseline to stay. I honestly can’t figure it out. Is he actually stupid, and is completely lying to her face and thinking if he says “I did not sleep with her!” enough, she’ll believe him? Or is he really telling the truth and is just a victim of the rumor mill? My guess, though, is that it’s the former, and he’s just another cheating husband who needed to see his wife walking away with a packed suitcase to get the wake-up call.

Kirk Frost

Watching Kirk at his apology party made me laugh. He definitely seems super likeable and well-intentioned, and the fact that he threw an apology party for his lady definitely gains him some points with me.

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Erica Dixon

I like this girl, because she made a choice not to watch the sex tape instead of reveling in the disgust she had for Mimi’s actions. She brought a much needed element of realness to the episode, because up until the moment when Erica flipped Ariane’s iPad shut, I had no idea Mimi also had a child. Props to Erica.

Lil Scrappy

My heart went out to Lil Scrappy when he listen to Momma Dee and looked upon a painful, past situation with new and sensitive eyes. I feel like that doesn’t happen on reality TV that often, and I am always frustrated with people when they don’t take two steps back after they’ve huffed and puffed and blown somebody down (which, I guess, is the whole reason we watch reality television). His conversation with Erica Dixon and Momma Dee gave me a little extra hope for the world.


I know nothing about him, but why exactly is he engaged to Althea?


I think she should purchase one of those gold chains that say “basic” on them. I knew she was BSing as soon as she said she wanted to “apologize” to those two women at Kirk’s apology party. She clearly wanted to open the lines of communication so she could jump down their throats from the beginning. She was hungry for an argument. How are you going to be like, “honey, I want to apologize,” and be the first one to raise your voice? That’s not how apologies work, honey. You apologize because you want to say sorry, not because you want someone else to say it back, and not because you still have things you wanted to yell at them over their food at an apology party. My goodness! Did Benzino even get to finish his food?

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Nikko Smith

Am I alone in thinking Nikko is a little sleaze ball? The way he sat down, all excited to talk about his masterpiece sex tape to the world. I cringed when he said, with sketchy excitement, that the world thought Mimi was a a good little girl and the sex tape would be a total surprise to everyone. It would’ve been something else if Mimi had said that herself, but she didn’t–he did. And it made my skin crawl watching him grin triumphantly while she sat there uncomfortably. Then he said they made the bathroom floor shake? Really? You can shake your bathroom floor? Do you live in a little wooden cabin? Nikko creeps me out, and hearing that Mimi has a child that he might be around creeps me out even more. I sincerely hope that relationship burns out quickly so Mimi can move on.