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Wow! There has been a lot of speculation over the last year or so regarding the mental stability of TGT singer Ginuwine but his own wife has now joined in the conversation and she isn’t backing him up either…or at least not the way you would think.

According to Vlad TV, Ginuwine recently posted a pic of his daughter surrounded by dollar bills on Instagram making it look as though she was a stripper! The R&B singer initially uploaded the photo with the caption,

 “My daughter just came in. Should I be worried?,”

He then changed the caption to,

“Man I gotta stay home more. This is getting catastrophic.”

Fans and critics alike continued to speculate on what was going on in the photo which prompted Ginuwine’s wife, Sole to go on IG to clear things up.

Said Sole of the pic,

“That was NOT my daughters money that @Ginuwine posted.. It was HIS & his sick idea of a joke..Been trying to keep silent but he needs help. I’ve remained silent but my child will not be publicly humiliated by a sick joke by some1 whos judgement is impaired.”

When Ginuwine got involved with the gospel plays a few years back, he seemed to be doing well in his sobriety but since he’s been in this group and “back on the scene” as it were he started to change…noticeably.

So, if his wife is saying what many of us already thought, then we truly hope that he gets the help he needs. Addiction is a scary thing and the repercussions that come to one’s family as a result of their issues is tragic. For his wife and kids as well as for himself, we sure hope that he acknowledges the problem and gets healthy.


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