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Ann B. Davis

Sad news to report from the classic TV world as Ann B. Davis who played Alice on the classic hit show The Brady Bunch passed away today. According to CNN, Bishop William Frey who was a close friend of Davis’ said that Davis fell and hit her head Saturday morning in her bathroom. She suffered a subdural hematoma and never regained consciousness.

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Davis once told the Archive of American Television that she loved working on the small screen.

“The neatest thing about television is that they write for you. … They find out what you can do, what you do best, how it works, and how they can use you. And so from there on, it’s wonderful. Because it’s different. It’s not like playing the same play forever and ever and ever. But the character’s still the same. It just gets better and more developed. So that’s great fun.”

In describing how she was different from her character Ann told People Magazine,

“I basically don’t do that well with children, although my sister says I’m a great aunt. And I hate to cook. When it’s my turn in the house, we just eat out!”

Frey, who knew Davis for 38 years, said fans often told her that they felt like they’d been raised by the character of Alice to which Davis would reply,

“Look how well you turned out!”

Ohh Alice! We will remember her and the character she played fondly. Let’s take a brief look back at what made Ann a part of everyone’s family in the video below.

The Urban Daily sends our thoughts out to the family, friends, fans and loved ones of Ann B. Davis…job well done ma’am.

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