Headkrack talked to everyone on Facebook Live and spoke about the rumors about it.

Four children in two weeks have been targeted in alleged voodoo rituals.

Headkrack is joined by JahLion Sound for this edition of the Hip-Hop Spot, and they talk about the possibility of Lil Mama‘s career being hurt by the Illuminati. What do you think? Sign Up For Our Newsletter! They also discuss the rumors of Gucci Mane having a clone and Frank Ocean‘s heartfelt open letter. Watch […]


We've gathered the top five musicians riddled with Illuminati rumors. Some have used tongue-in-cheek references to contest involvement with the world-order, while others have flat-out denied any connection.

Originally published September 3rd, 2014 Jeezy just dropped his album “Seen It All,” but the cover art for the album had the streets talking before it even dropped. The symbol for the “illuminati” is placed at the center of Jeezy’s cover which of course automatically stirred rumors about him being part of it. He talks […]


Whether you’re a believer or not, here are the celebs allegedly in the illuminati.

While attending day one of the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray in Los Angeles, Janet Jackson was spotted wearing an illuminati symbol on her necklace. Is she down with the illuminati? Get a close-up look at the questionable symbol around Janet’s neck right here. RELATED PHOTOS: Janet Jackson Attends The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray […]

While everyone in the entertainment industry has been accused of being a member of the Illuminati secret society, there’s one person who’s not having it…and that’s Jennifer Hudson. The Grammy winner went off recently on the rumors that she is part of the cult. Here’s what she had to say courtesy of Rap-Up: “I’m so […]

Afrika Bambaataa, one of Hip-Hop’s founding fathers, believes that the genre of Hip-Hop music has been hijacked by a Luciferian conspiracy to poison the minds of its listeners.

Making good on his promise to go after Jay-Z for his “diss” on “So Appalled” MC Hammer has fired a return shot on “Better Run Run.” Predictably he plays into the “Jay-Z is in the Illuminati” rumors and even goes so far as to baptize Jov at the end of the clip (or maybe he’s […]