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“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” season three premieres on VH1 tonight and anticipation for TV’s hottest reality show is high. With a few new faces on the cast, our favorite characters and story lines revisited, we can’t help but clench our teeth as 8pm approaches.

This time around, the roles have seemed to switch as Stevie J relinquished his player card and Joseline is no longer the woman on the side. A new ratchet couple emerged this season. Mimi Faust and Nikko London (not to be confused with Smith) launched their career as unofficial porn stars, shocking everyone including Stevie and Joseline!

We chatted with Stevie & Joseline about this season of “LHHATL,” what they have going on and the ish everyone wants to know…how they feel about Mimi’s sex tape! Check it out:

HelloBeautiful: What’s the most shocking thing that you saw happen this season?

Stevie J: That would have to be the Mimi and Freako sex tape. He’s Freako, you know what I’m saying.

joseline tweets

HB: Joseline, why did you call the sex tape granny porn?

Stevie: Everybody wants to be sexy and I admire that, but I’ll let my wife take it from here.

Joseline Hernandez: Shut up, listen. That body was skinny. Them t*tties were long. Them legs were skinny. Nikko stuck his finger in his own butt. I was done and over with it and I couldn’t take it no more. I’m glad she showed the world how unsexy and dumb she is because all the time she talks about Joseline’s a stripper. B**ch, I was a stripper, I was young when I was stripping. I’m still young and I’m not stripping, and now I’m on to different and better things. That’s what she would be doing. Instead of doing some graphic work because you and your boyfriend looked a hot mess.

HB: What did you think about the shower scene, though?

Joseline: Why would you be holding on to a shower curtain? I’m confused. That’s intense. And, they was at Motel 6. That didn’t look like a high-class hotel.

HB: Would you guys ever make a sex tape?

Stevie: You got to make wise decisions when you go about selling that type of security. Just to put it on the record, we wouldn’t do it for 100 bandz.

HB: You wouldn’t do it for 100 bandz?

Stevie: We wouldn’t entertain it unless you got $5 million in cash. I’m cool with $5 million. Like I said, I applaud their efforts.

HB: Do you think she was doing it to get back at you?

Stevie: No, no, no. If she knows me, she knows that wouldn’t get back at me. Why would you get back at me when we have a 4-year-old daughter? That’s not the way to do it. I felt like, they wanted to keep up with the Jordans and they thought they were gonna get a big pay-day. They know that this is a black market they’re dealing with. Steve Hirst should know better than if you’re dealing with top A-list, you’re gonna come up with the biggest bootleg in history. They’re already selling the joint at the barbershop.

Joseline: The same people tried to make me and my husband do a porn first season. They asked us. We said no and we totally declined it.

HB: They offered to sell your sex tape if you had one or they wanted to produce one?

Joseline: They offered us money to make one. Here’s the good part: They wanted Stevie to put on a black mask and hit me with a whip.

Stevie: We don’t do that.

HB: Who’s the better sex partner?

Stevie: Me, I’m a stallion. I’m swinging from the chandeliers. At the end of the day, I put the most work in. I’m the most creative in the bedroom.

HB: Joseline, you revealed at the reunion that you don’t like “going down.” What’s up with that?

Joseline: I think that just because I’m so beautiful and I have such a great body, I’m so lazy when it comes to sex. I’m just like, why should I do this? They gotta do a few things for me to go down. Ya know, a little jewelry. I love having sex with my husband. I’m kinda glad he’s better than me because I orgasm like seven times a night.

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