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Major League Soccer team owner fires all non-Mexican staff

c.d. guadalajara soccer team flag - c.d. guadalajara soccer team flag

Gorge Vergara owns C.D. Guadalajara aka Chivas, a Mexican professional soccer team that plays in Mexican pro soccer leagues. They are one of the most successful and storied Mexican soccer teams in Mexico. Vergara figured lightning could strike twice.

On August 29, 2012 Vergara became sole owner of Chivas USA in the American MLS and started removing everyone that wasn’t Mexican or didn’t speak Spanish. He fired everyone that didn’t fit this standard from organizational staff to coaches and trainers to players. His punishment? MLS bought his team back from him.

NFL owners cheat on the salary cap

washington Washington Football Team logo - washington Washington Football Team logo

Due to a problem with the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement between the league and its players, the 2010 football season went without a salary cap. Apparently, there was some unwritten agreement between the commissioner’s office and the owners that no one was gonna use this to their advantage by front-loading players’ contracts to dodge salary caps in future years.

The Washington Washington Football Team and Dallas Cowboys didn’t seem to get that memo. They both cheated like crazy. Then they both got ‘penalized’ by losing cap space for the 2012 season that would be evenly divided between other teams. Meanwhile, the owners kept making money off of their mediocre teams like it was going out of style.

And do I really need to talk about the racist-ass team names for the Washington Football Team and the Chiefs? No, you’re right. I don’t. Speaking of which though…

Kansas City Chiefs use taxpayer money to pay their own taxes

kansas city chiefs logo - kansas city chiefs logo

Due to the way Kansas City taxes are collected, a portion of them go to the Kansas City Chiefs to help with repairs on Arrowhead Stadium. The problem is that they used a small portion of the money collected for repairs and used the rest to pay their payroll taxes.

So if you’re a Chief’s fan paying $20 for parking, $200 for game day tickets and $100 for food and beverages, it must suck to know that a portion of the taxes you paid the city are going straight towards alleviating costs that the Chiefs are legally required to pay, huh?

San Francisco ‘49ers owner failed to report extortion attempt

san francisco '49ers logo - san francisco '49ers logo

Eddie DeBartolo was riding quite a whirlwind. His team, the Joe Montana/Jerry Rice-era San Francisco ‘49ers won five championships in 12 years. So why did he not tell the government when a Louisiana governor tried to extort him for $400k? Who knows for sure? Regardless, that and a few other issues that developed from it forced the NFL to insist that he cease to be owner of the team.

So he sold it to his sister to focus on running his other million-dollar businesses and to be inducted into the Bay Area and ‘49ers’ Halls of Fame. Gotta love those golden parachutes.

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