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donald sterling courtside mistress - donald sterling courtside mistress

So…you heard, huh? Well then. Screw a proper intro. Let’s get right to it.

Donald Sterling allegedly made racist comments that got recorded and, later, released by both TMZ and Deadspin.

The NBA’s new commissioner Adam Silver, who still reeks of new car smell, has announced that they will conduct an investigation into the authenticity of these tapes and into whether it was edited to unfavorably portray Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Meanwhile, everyone else has already removed the ‘allegedly’ and is steady roasting Sterling in the fires of public opinion. Sterling’s taking head shots from Snoop Dogg, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, his wife (who later went back on her own words) and even President Obama.

This tape may or may not be genuine, but Sterling already has a history of living his life with a well-documented disgust for minorities.

This gets really interesting when you consider that at the time of the recordings he was cheating on his wife with a half-Black/half-Latina woman, huh?

v stiviano mixed mistress donald sterling - v stiviano mixed mistress donald sterling

Know what though? Nothing’s going to happen. Professional sports team owners have a significant history of misconduct while receiving minimal punishment for their misgivings.


Indianapolis Colts owner caught driving drunk with prescription drugs on him

jim irsay president bush former - jim irsay president bush former

On March 16 Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, was out having a lovely night-time drive when a cop pulled him over for erratic driving. The officer conducted field tastes to confirm that Irsay was drunk as f***. He also found four Schedule IV prescription drugs in Irsay’s car for which Irsay had no prescription and $29k. The officer took him to jail, but Irsay was released on bail so he could go into rehab. The NFL is still looking into potential punishments, but don’t hold your breath. It will most likely be a relative slap on the wrist.


Russian pro-hockey players fly in dangerous planes

old russian planes museum - old russian planes museum

In 2011, an old-ass, ramshackle plane was carrying millions of dollars worth of cargo: an entire pro hockey team. Russia’s new hockey league spent lavishly to start their own rival to the American National Hockey League by building new facilities, hiring coaches, signing players and developing organizations to compete. The problem? The planes that transported these teams were 20+ years old.

On September 9, 2011, the Lokomotiv plane, carrying one of the league’s premiere teams, crashed, killing 100% of the players. It’s a sadness so tragic that none of the owners have since gotten better planes, nor have penalties been levied for not affecting change.

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