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Really? We mean…REALLY? Girl B-Y-E! According to Eben Gregory, Love & Hip Hop New York‘s  Erica Mena feels a real way about all the negative attention that MiMi Faust is getting for the tape she made with her L&HHA co-star Nikko and wants to get some of that ridiculous attention for herself.

So much so, that she allegedly made  a “solo performance film” of her own which was somehow “stolen” from her. (We’re so over the ooops my sex tape was stolen defense! But we digress!) And now she is reportedly in negotiations with the exact same adult entertainment company that just released MiMi’s tape! You can’t make this craziness up man!

This will do NOTHING to calm down the rumors that L&HH franchise producer Mona Scott Young is behind all of these yuck videos coming out! In fact we’re pretty sure that it will only serve to enhance the rumors that she has gone from TV producer to full on porn producer if this Mena video ever sees the light of day!



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