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This April, our favorite divas return for another season of fabulous laughs, a few harmless disagreements and of course those impromptu moments of acapella greatness. As a fan of the popular TV One reality show, and to celebrate its return, I thought it would be fitting to round up their most endearing, craziest, heartfelt moments…ever.

5. Chorus line!

Listen! There’s one thing you will never be able to say about these gorgeous ladies. Every single one has been blessed with a pair of chops made only for the stage…and to entertain us! I love when they all break out in to song. #KeKesHavingABaby

4. Monifah reconnects with her daughter.

Sometimes our flaws negatively affect our loved ones. But what’s awesome to watch is when people can put aside the past and create a new memories for the future. Monifah candidly admitted to her drug addiction and was thrilled to reconnect with her daughter.

3. KeKe opens up.

Having your husband around during girl time can be more than awkward. And the divas were not having it! But KeKe opens up to the divas about why her husband is somewhat attached to her hip. #Tears.

2. Who’s mushing who?

And then there was that time that someone mushed someone in the face. In case you don’t know what ‘being mushed’ is, KeKe gives the best visual ever in the video.

1. Marriage and Conflicts.

Although these moments haven’t aired yet I am already slightly excited. From Monifah getting married (yay), to what looks like an epic conversation between Monifah and KeKe–season three is definitely a must watch.

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