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So this weeks episode of “Scandal” started off really well. I enjoyed a lot of the twists and turns and the dialogue didn’t let the characters act as dumb as they have in the past.

However the last five minutes undid most of that. I’ll go into more detail here.


The Great:

1. Maya Pope!

God I love this woman. She kills it every week with her great one liners, her brutal honesty and her drive to destroy everything for money and fun. If I had a choice between what show to watch, “Scandal” or “The Adventures of Maya Pope,” I would happily choose the latter.

I’ll admit to being a bit worried when Eli Pope started going on about how she was in love with Dominic, but thankfully she proved to be a complete boss and let the man die. I was hoping that would continue when Olivia put herself at risk, but the reveal that *spoilers* the bomb wasn’t in Defiance but instead at the Senator’s funeral basically meant that Olivia was never at risk and the only reason she probably went to the office was to attack Eli.

2. Papa Pope


If you’ve read my views before, I think you should already know that my love for Papa Pope is undying. I adore this man!

He’s evil, noble, smart and sassy all in one and he gets the best monologues ever! Seriously no one delivers a monologue like Joe Morton. He kills it in this role and seeing him across from Khandi Alexander is a real treat. They both chew up the scenery with their badassery and it’s marvelous.

He better make it through the season finale or I will be very upset.

The Good:

1. Quinn

Ouch guys. You need some ointment for that burn? Before this season I found Quinn to be a completely useless character, but now that she’s working for B613 and becoming her own person, she’s fascinating. I hope she never comes back to the hypocrites at OPA because she’s right, they’re basically doing the exact same thing only they wear suits and use cellphones while Quinn wears plastic and uses a drill bit.

2. Mellie

Ultimate sass alert! I already expressed my love for Mellie in plenty of previous posts but I think I have to reiterate it here. Mellie’s awesome and deserves a thousand times better than Fitz who she’s now only staying with because she literally can’t escape without ruining them both. I also liked how she told Olivia she owed her for everything.

Because let’s be honest she does owe her for EVERYTHING!

The Bad:

1. Olivia keeps making bad decisions

Honestly I will never understand what Olivia sees in someone like Fitz. He’s misogynistic, he’s rude and he’s really not worthy of her. But week after week she goes running after him like a little puppy and making herself look like a desperate teenager with a crush.
I was hoping Olivia would finally realize that she’s wasting her time throwing herself at the nearest man every two minutes when she realized that her mother doesn’t have a heart. But alas, she was on the phone with Jake as soon as she needed a shoulder to cry on. Oh well, better luck next season.

2. The Ending!


So at the end of the episode Jake calls Cyrus and tells him that there’s a bomb at the deceased Senator’s funeral and that Mama Pope planned to kill him there with the bomb. Cyrus initially is going to call the President, but when he learns that Sally Langston is already at the church he decides to go to the President’s office and stall him so she’ll die and he won’t.

I have quite a few problems with this:

Sally Langston Is Awesome!

She’s a crazy right wing, muderous, religious nut and I just adore her. She has her own opinions and goals and those aren’t going to change for anyone. I love that about her.

I also love her campaign manager who just kicks all types of sassy ass.

I really do not want these great characters to die, it would be a real loss to the show and a lazy way to fix the problems that Fitz is going to have in the election. But they were both in the church right when Maya Pope set off the bomb so that doesn’t look good.

Please Don’t Kill Andrew


As I said above: I love Mellie! I just want this woman to have one ray of happiness in her truly horrible life. Why can’t Mellie have nice things?

Sadly, Andrew was seen shaking hands with Sally Langston in the church which looks really bad. I hope that this character will not be sacrificed for convenience as I’ve seen in other shows. I really like him, especially after he delivered this red hot burn to Olivia:

He’s a great character don’t kill him please!

Aside from that this was a good episode. Still not back to the glory of the first season, but we can’t get everything we hope for.