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It’s upsetting that after such a great episode last week this was the follow up, but maybe that’s why this one seems to be a writing mess. Anyway here we go:

The Good:

Olivia‘s parents pulling the wool from over her eyes and letting her see exactly what she is to the people in the Whitehouse.


Olivia’s father tried to explain this to her last season, she can do better and if she continues to hitch her horse to the Grant wagon she will eventually get left out in the cold. Her mother telling her she’s the help was just a confirmation of house insignificant she truly is to this family.

Fitz already has a wife and children. They’re not perfect but they’re his and Olivia has nothing because she refuses to leave a man who will probably never leave his family and can’t give her what she wants.

On a side note I adore Mama Pope, I would love a show of just her being a terrorist with Adnan instead of the soap opera that I’ve been watching.

I also loved seeing Olivia get put in her place by Andrew.

Seriously, she was going to scold him and Mellie about they’re affair when the only thing she does when she’s at the Whitehouse is screw around with Fitz. Honestly Shonda has turned Olivia completely spineless these past 2 seasons.
Didn’t Olivia use to have a job Fixing people’s lives? What ever happened to that?

The Bad:

President Neanderthal Fitzegerald Grant

My God. I will never understand what Olivia sees in Fitz. He screams and shouts like a petulant child when he can’t get what he wants and his blaming Mellie for their marriage failing was BEYOND out of line! Seriously you’ve been rolling around in bed with Olivia for years but it’s all Mellie’s fault?
I know he said he wouldn’t have cheated if she still wanted him, but doesn’t that just mean he’s only sleeping with Olivia because he wanted to get his rocks off not because he loves her?
Bad logic.
The Ugly:
Mellie needs to tell Fitz what happened already!
Mellie, sweetie, please for the sake of all that is holy tell this moronic man you’ve tethered yourself to what happened to you and how it ruined your marriage. I know that you’re afraid but keeping it bottled up inside isn’t doing anyone any favors.
Well, at least she has Andrew.