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Unless you’re the star athlete of your high school with the potential to go straight to the pros or have the brains to become the next Mark Zuckerberg, chances are you are going to try your hand at college.  And many say those four crucial years before becoming a “real adult” could amount to the best time of your life.

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But wouldn’t it be great if going to college was just like what you saw on your favorite sitcoms? Let’s be honest: if you partied in school as much as the characters on those shows, you’d be lucky to skate through with a C+, let a lone an actual degree in something. So, as a salute to the new school year, let’s take a look back at the universities we wish we went to.

Pennbrook University

Boy Meets World’s Pennbrook University was based on Saint Joseph’s University and University of Pennsylvania.  However,  Pennbrook was awesome for Corey and his friends, because all classes were apparently taught by his high school principal, Mr. Feeny, and Dean Bolander. That school must have been on a serious budget.

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