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Stevie J

Boy oh boy when it rains it most certainly pours! According to there’s a freaking monsoon in the ATL right now! The word in those Atlanta streets is that Stevie J. has a bun in the oven and it isn’t being baked by either Joseline or Mimi! Nope, allegedly there is a new pastry chef in town…or at least in the world of Stevie J and her name is Promise B Mae.

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Take a look at her in the pics below.

Says a self professed former friend,

“I’m a former friend of “PROMISE B MAE” and yes she is pregnant by Stevie. They have been keeping this on the low for a minute. Up until the whole marriage thing with him and Joseline they have been seriously beefing, so she told me about a week ago that she will be having an abortion if he doesn’t get his isht together and stop keeping her a secret for TV purposes and because of Joseline. Long story short she changed her number, and since then I ran into Stevie and of course he asked about her and whether or not I had her new number, so we began to talk and I slipped up and told him about the abortion. After she sent the screen shot she called me to see if i received it and to ask me if i told Stevie because only a few people know. I admitted it and the convo got real heated, words were exchanged and it got real ugly so, if that’s how she feel this is how I feel. F**k that b***h her secret is no longer safe with me.”

Stevie J Baby Mama Text

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With friends like those….but we digress! Ladies of Atlanta…if you see that man walking toward you…RUN! We don’t know how he does it, but he does! So take a hint from everyone else that has been through it with him and get away as fast as you possibly can. Don’t be a hero!

We know this isn’t the last of this story so stay tuned!


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