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Uh oh! It’s happened again only this time the chick coming forward has allegedly taken a polygraph test to prove that she is telling the truth about a supposed affair with Lamar Odom. Ouch! Why she would go through such extremes we are not completely sure, but she claims that she is fearful of Khloe and that she was only with Lamar because he told her he no longer wanted to be with Khloe. Again we say ouch! Making that info public doesn’t make her look any better just in case she was wondering.

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Radar Online is reporting that Polina Polonsky told Star magazine that she had an alleged six-week affair with Lamar, 33, earlier this summer.

Polina alleges that she and Lamar first met on June 2 at L.A.’s Roosevelt Hotel and according to her, the NBA star had been living at the plush hotel for a week, at that point, as his marriage struggled. Struggled and over are two very different things but we guess that didn’t matter.

Says Polina,

“I was under the impression that he had left Khloe, and that’s why he was living at the Roosevelt. He acted completely available and we definitely had a mutual attraction.”

A source close to the family tells Radar Online,

“When other women in the past have claimed to have hooked up with Lamar, “Khloe didn’t take it seriously. She is completely rattled that Jennifer took and passed a lie detector test.” Lamar hasn’t been denying the affair as strongly as he did with others in the past. Khloe is literally feeling sick to her stomach. It’s just gut wrenching to watch her go through this.”

Man, who wouldn’t feel sick to their stomach in that predicament? That is pretty much the universal feeling for anyone going through what she is right now. We’re sure this is not the end of the situation. God willing this won’t be a Tiger Woods type of  thing where females are coming out of the woodwork from everywhere like roaches when a light turns off!

We’d say feel better soon Khloe but we know it won’t begin to help so instead we’ll say we’re thinking of you right now and good luck.


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