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Wow! As news continues to make its way around the internets that Khloe Kardashian has kicked her boo boo Lamar Odom out of their house upon discovering an alleged affair things are truly turning up! All hell appears to be breaking loose in the world of Lamar Odom and his melt down in the middle of a Hollywood, CA street today seems to prove it!

Take a look!

What was that? We don’t know and we’re wondering if Lamar even knows. He actually went into the car of a paparazzi member, took their stuff and threw it out all over the street! According to TMZ he also allegedly caused damage to a car, a camera and then fled the scene apparently with some of the destroyed camera gear.

But we have to admit that we love the end when the chick asks him to take a pic and they pose and snap right there in the middle of his tirade! Hilarious!

We don’t know what’s going on with him but we’re pretty sure this isn’t the path he wants to be on! Great! Now there are two angry black men in the Kardashian family. We were depending on Lamar to break the sterotype man! Oh well! We got $10 that says he was listening to “Black Skinhead” either before the incident or after it!

[Editor’s Note] Calls to Kanye were not returned.


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