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What the heck is going on with land lords in Atlanta these days? First it was Kenya Moore now Usher’s ex-wife  Tameka Raymond just lost a lawsuit to her land lord that claimed she owed back rent as well. However, this case isn’t concerning Tameka’s residence. This is about commercial space that she was renting for her businesses to operate out of.

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TMZ is reporting that Tameka was battling her former landlord, who claimed she owed nearly $50,000 in back rent for three retail spaces in a Georgia complex that she was operating businesses in.

Tameka claimed that her landlord broke the lease not her and that the judge should throw the case out. It did not go her way however and the judge ordered Tameka to pay $186,036.50 in principal and $18,628.65 in attorney fees which totals $204,665.15.

Wow! She went from fighting over paying $50,000 to being forced to pay $204,665.15! That’s quite a leap no? She would have been better off not going to court at all and just paying the land lord the original sum for all that! Especially once you figure in her own attorney’s fees to that mix! Yikes! Good Luck to Tameka…we don’t know how or why the judge got that number so big and we’re betting Tameka doesn’t understand it either!


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Tameka Raymond Loses Lawsuit With Former Landlord  was originally published on theurbandaily.com