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Okay conspiracy theorists, Mrs. Carter has finally given you proof that she is not prego! She’s knocking back a glass of wine in the picture that she recently posted to Tumblr. And if she was in a family way, her husband Jay-Z, who’s lap she’s sitting in, would not allow her to drink on up! So we can all just relax now, right? Because we know that Queen Bey is not pregnant after all right?

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Wrong. Poor Beyonce doesn’t understand the meaning of conspiracy theory or theorists! This pic is only getting people to discuss it again. Only now, they are saying things like,

“How do we know what’s in that glass? It could be cran-grape juice for all we know. “

“We don’t know when that pic was taken! They could have taken that picture in February.”

The best way to get people to leave it alone would be to just not be pregnant and keep on living her life without caring what everyone else thought was going on with her uterus. Jus sayin.


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Beyonce Posts Pic To Tumblr That Should End Pregnancy Rumors  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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