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Singer/songwriter Angie Stone has a mission on the reality show R&B Divas, but this wasn’t the only subject she touched on while visiting “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” See what she said about the possibility of an R&B Divas tour, her response to KeKe Wyatt calling her old and why she loves Syleena Johnson’s voice!

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Read the entire interview below, and watch Angie Stone’s visit to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” right here.

RICKEY SMILEY: I want you all to show some love. Give it up one time, my girl, Angie Stone. R&B Divas is on, she is live in the studio with us this morning, Angie Stone, good morning.

ANGIE STONE: Good morning.

RICKEY SMILEY: Thank you for joining us.

ANGIE STONE: Thank you for having me.

RICKEY SMILEY: The beautiful, the sexy, the chocolate, Angie Stone.

ANGIE STONE: Oh, thank you very much.

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RICKEY SMILEY: And I got to say congratulations on R&B Divas and how the hell do you keep everybody, uh, keep it balanced, and keep it everybody from tearing each other head off?

ANGIE STONE: You know they can’t stand up under the blood. I had to bring it all out, baby.

RICKEY SMILEY: I know you did.


EBONY STEELE: So was it tough being the new cast member because you are the new cast member, of course, season two R&B Divas is airing on Wednesdays 10 p.m. on TV1. Because you know what? You strike me as one of those people that may have said in the past, you know, I ain’t gonna never do no reality show.

ANGIE STONE: Well, you know what, I had my feel of reality when I did Celebrity Fit Club, so I really understood reality and at that point I said I’m not doing this anymore because reality is reality.


ANGIE STONE: Um, it was a little scary, and yet again, I faced the same thing and I won. Bam. Spank myself sometimes.

EBONY STEELE: What’s your biggest? Your mouth?


EBONY STEELE: What is it?

ANGIE STONE: My biggest pet peeve?

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ANGIE STONE: Is just trying to keep the car on the road with these people. (Laugh)


HEADKRACK: Now, would you be in like, you know, amongst so many people who are established, right? You know, yourself included. Like is there one person that you gel with more so than another? Because there’s a lot of egos, a lot of attitudes, you know what I’m saying? And like, you know, it’s hard for women to coexist in situations like that it seems.

ANGIE STONE: Well, see, that’s the one thing that I’m trying to change because over the years, from what I can remember with the Supremes breaking up, and then people, like SWV, who I adore, breaking up and getting back together. My dream is to maximize the moment and show that women can work together and can come together without it being crazy. That’s been very difficult thus far. But we trying to make it happen.

GARY WIT DA TEA: All right. So, okay, now Angie, I see you appeared in Scary Movie 5.


GARY WIT DA TEA: So you’re doing movies, you’re doing TV, you’re still singing, I mean you got it all going on because you got all the money.

ANGIE STONE: I’m trying to get all the money, okay?

GARY WIT DA TEA: Yeah, so but that’s good. It’s nice seeing you too, Angie. I mean you did lost weight, baby you’re looking fabulous.

EBONY STEELE: You do look outstanding.

ANGIE STONE: Thank you. Thank you.

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EBONY STEELE: All right, so we’re talking to Angie Stone, the new cast member to the season 2 of R&B Divas. Now last episode, on the episodes, you and Kiki Wyatt had a few words where Kiki was trying to say stuff. I think she tried to refer to you as old or something like that.

ANGIE STONE: Yeah, I know. She got to just keep on living.

RICKEY SMILEY: Okay. That’s what my granddaddy always say.


ANGIE STONE: Just keep on living.

RICKEY SMILEY: Yeah, my son be making his little jokes, you know, or whatever. And I say, keep living.

ANGIE STONE: Mm-hmm. But you know what I realized?

EBONY STEELE: What’s that?

ANGIE STONE: When you’re fabulous over 40 you get a bunch of haters. You can’t do nothing about that.

RICKEY SMILEY: Yeah, 40 is the new 20.


RICKEY SMILEY: I got to ask you, so are y’all going on tour? Are y’all going on like a national tour or whatever? Because y’all will really sell a lot of tickets.

ANGIE STONE: (Laugh) I would love to see a tour happen, that is the ultimate goal, is to make a tour happen, but at the moment there’s a possibility a couple of tours may happen.

RICKEY SMILEY: All right. Right.

ANGIE STONE: Yes. Yes and no.

RICKEY SMILEY: Kiki Wyatt, which one is it? The light skinned?

GARY WIT DA TEA: Yeah, she’s the light skinned one.

ANGIE STONE: You don’t know her by her music?


ANGIE STONE: I think she has a number one song right now, right? Number two?

EBONY STEELE: You know what?

ANGIE STONE: Three, four?

EBONY STEELE: You trying to be funny.

HEADKRACK: She stabbed that guy one time.

EBONY STEELE: Oh, no, no, no you know Angie Stone, you is trying to be funny?

ANGIE STONE: Oh, no, no, no. (Laugh)


ANGIE STONE: See, I’m gonna tell y’all something. The thing about Angie Stone is I write metaphorically.

EBONY STEELE: I understand.

ANGIE STONE: So when I say something it might mean something else or come across as something else. That’s what I do, you know.

EBONY STEELE: Yeah, I love it! She made a couple of songs with – Kiki Wyatt, she’s, she’s, yeah … all of the voices are outstanding.

ANGIE STONE: Oh, she’s an amazing, an amazing talent.

RICKEY SMILEY: She’s the one that always has a Hummer. I get everybody mixed up sometimes. Everybody can sing because we had Tasha on.


EBONY STEELE: Mm-hmm. Tasha Scott.

RICKEY SMILEY: She was in here killing it and …

EBONY STEELE: Syleena Johnson.

RICKEY SMILEY: Now something about Selena’s voice that drives me absolutely crazy. I freaking love …

ANGIE STONE: Let me tell you what I told her. She has, I have to put on my Bari Gordon thinking cap. If I was an A&R person I’d look for a sound. Selena sounds like nobody but Selena.


ANGIE STONE: So I think if she gets the right ammunition.


ANGIE STONE: She can go straight to the top because she has a very distinctive voice and I tell her that all the time.

RICKEY SMILEY: And she probably could do standup comedy too.

ANGIE STONE: All day long.

RICKEY SMILEY: Because she is freaking hilarious.

ANGIE STONE: All day long.

RICKEY SMILEY: One of my good friends. And I love Monipa.



ANGIE STONE: See, you’re falling right in line with all of us. I love it.

RICKEY SMILEY: I wish I could sing, I’d trade with you any day.


RICKEY SMILEY: And have a standup.


RICKEY SMILEY: I’m talking about …

ANGIE STONE: You know I can get down a little something something too.

RICKEY SMILEY: I know you can throw down.


HEADKRACK: We got Angie Stone in the studio and, you know, a lot of people don’t know this that you and D’Angelo actually have a child together.

ANGIE STONE: Now why are you going all the back to ancient history.

HEADKRACK: No, but …

ANGIE STONE: My son is 16.

HEADKRACK: And I asked this only just to find out how D’Angelo is doing because like, you know, like, you know, he’s been on a comeback trail for a minute and a lot of people are, you know, just wondering like what’s going on.

ANGIE STONE: And I’m going to tell you in a minute. Let me get my Get Smart shoe.

EBONY STEELE: Uh-oh, she taking a shoe off.

ANGIE STONE: Tell me. Yeah, don’t know the answer to that.

EBONY STEELE: Y’all don’t talk?

RICKEY SMILEY: Hey, coming up Angie Stone is going to help out Juicy with our song of the week, or whatever. So y’all are going to be doing a duet? What y’all gonna be, what you and Juicy going to sing?

ANGIE STONE: It’s all Juicy baby, Juicy Lips got you covered over here, okay.

RICKEY SMILEY: Juicy, what you singing today?

JUICY: My Sunshine.

RICKEY SMILEY: By Angie Stone?



JUICY: Hey, so we got the little people, we got Juicy in here, and Angie Stone is going to bag Juicy up.


RICKEY SMILEY: On her song. All right. All right. This is the first time, this is breaking amazing. Angie Stone is in the building.

EBONY STEELE: History being made.


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