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Wow! In the last few weeks, the pioneers and legends of Hip Hop have come out swinging at some of their younger counterparts and at a recent concert in Denver, CO the infamous Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan was no exception! Method tells a story about how he was watching a recent performance by Seattle area rapper Macklemore, when he saw something that totally upset him!

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Yikes! In some real “Hey you get off my cloud” type stuff, Method actually told those fans at his show to,

“Drop Macklemore “like a bad habit” if he ever attempts to crowd walk at a show in your city.”

This will probably come back down to a do your math moment for the “Thrift Shop” rapper. But it also shows something else that is different between the various generations of Hip Hop artists, between all the huffin and puffin about Macklemore stealing his signature concert move, did you notice that Meth repeated more than a few times that Macklemore is a dope or talented  artist and they they should support him?

If this were a “Twitter Beef” of recent likely suspects in the mainstream, this would have immediately ended up with threats of guns, girl snatchin or totally culminated into drinking glasses being thrown in some club somewhere along the line. But that didn’t happen. Method respected Macklemore enough as an artist to call foul on the “crowd walk” situation yet lavish praise on him for being a good spitter.

If we were Macklemore, we’d be thinking much more about the fact that a legend was not only checking for us, but showing props for our music!

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