Dr. Collier shares ways to handle your emotions during the holiday season and tips on how to combat it.

Our counselor Yunetta Spring shares the proper three ways to apologize to someone and how to make situations better. 

Yunetta Spring shares what you need to know about the new 988 mental health hotline to avoid calling 911 for mental health emergencies.

This month's theme is blooming and Yunetta Spring discusses ways to tap into your authentic self in the midst of chaos.

Therapy gets a bad rep because people think it's all about negativity and trauma, but Spring assures you that therapy can be enlightening!

Picking a therapist can be a nerve-racking process, but Counselor Yunetta Spring shares some tips on how to find the best therapist. 

Yunetta Spring is back for another serving of advice to better improve mental health, and today on "Talk It Out Tuesday" she puts the focus on spring cleaning your mind.

It's a new year and it's time to start something new...therapy!

Counselor Yunetta Spring gets real about setting boundaries in relationships and sticking to them.

Our Counselor Yunetta Spring gives some therapy tips for talk it out Tuesday.