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The RSMS crew is trying to make sense of the beef between D.L. Hughley & Mo'Nique, so we asked comedic pros Luenell & Marvin Hunter for help.

In the wake of Will Smith's career coming to a pause, we're sharing work horror stories. 

For today's "Trending Topics," we spoke with Detective Chris Anderson about how to avoid a situation like the gun accident in St. Louis that left two young relatives dead in addition to how gun owners can practice safety in their own homes. 

One of the most interesting stories we came across recently is the development of a new birth control pill for men. We decided to bring the conversation to "Trending Topics" today to see what the callers had to say about this potential game-changer for both the fellas and ladies.

We decided to address the DST debate in today's "Trending Topics" report, and even the RSMS crew is split on whether or not we should continue to "spring forward."

On today's "Trending Topics" report, we dive into the topic of digital DNA services that can tell you a few things you might want to know about your roots and maybe even some stuff you'd prefer to stay hidden forever.

For today's "Trending Topics" report, we had the co-hosts as well as loyal listeners call in to let us know how they'll be spending the rare occasion of today being 2/22/22 on a Tuesday, aka "Lucky Twos-Day."

Recent developments in air travel got us thinking: what are some of the most outrageous things you've seen while on a plane? We definitely got some stories of our own here on the show!

We're continuing our conversation around safety prevention by focusing in on the popular trend of online dating, and to share some helpful tips we brought on our good friend from the Birmingham Police Department and A&E's hit crime series 'The First 48,' Detective Chris Anderson.

Today we had an interesting discussion for the "What's Trending" report to share our opinions after a full year under the Biden-Harris Administration.