It’s that time of the year! We link up with the homies to function during the thanksgiving holiday.

We have an idea of what is the most popular side dish in each state...

Besides spending time with family and eating all you eat, Thanksgiving clapbacks are the best part of the holiday season.

It's the season to give back and Jeezy is doing just that.

Here’s what you want to hear the week before Thanksgiving….there’s a salmonella outbreak in turkeys that has infected about 164 people as of November 8th. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there is 1 reported death related in California Experts have to advise people to let the turkey thaw out in the refrigerator […]

Many of us can’t deny the crunch and flavor of a nice potato chip.

Thanksgiving is several months away, but Rickey Smiley decided to celebrate early.