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Bitch don’t know @Sweetback got the scoop? Another day another “Basketball Wives drama, only this time there’s a lawsuit involved, and it involves Meeka Claxton and Tami Roman. According to the lawsuit, which was obtained by MediaTakeOut.com, Meeka is suing Tammi for a recent beatdown that took place in Italy during the taping of the […]

“Basketball Wives” cast member Tami Roman was just involved in a 3-car pileup. TMZ is reporting that the reality star had just been picked up from the airport by a car service, when a driver slammed into the car BEHIND Tami’s car causing a chain reaction collision. Tami took to Twitter to let her fans […]

Our favorite pseudo celebs that we sorta love and sorta hate, the ladies of BBW’s are back this week and serving up the high school drama that we—quiet as it’s kept, like to explore vicariously through them. This week we watched a friendship that’s slowly been unraveling over the past few seasons  completely unfold while […]

Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton went at it while “Basketball Wives” headed to Rome for an Italian vacation. Tami clocked Meeka with a right hook after Tami confronted Meeka about her throwing shade and trying to divide the ladies. For those of you who missed it, these two went at it at a Polo match […]

The newest episode of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” debuted last night and just in case you missed it, I’ve gathered a few highlights of the most drama-filled moments. First up, Tami and Jennifer meet up at Jen’s new apartment and  catch up on recent events, and how they think Evelyn should go about the “Non-muthaf*cking Factor” […]

Last night on “Basketball Wives” Tami Roman and Jennifer Williams almost got into a physical altercation that was almost to sweet for T.V.

“Basketball Wives” cast member Tami Roman wasn’t pleased with the outcome of last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives,” so she took to Twitter to rant about about her fight with Jennifer Williams and how reality TV doesn’t tell the entire story. Really Tami?  This is a reality show we’re talking about right? Newsflash, we all […]