At a hearing on Monday in a Jackson County courtroom, Deputy Leo Allen of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department explained in explicit detail what occurred when authorities responded to the scene at a Best Western hotel near the Gulf Coast.

Officer Michael Kelley finally speaks up on the facts that prosecutors wanted him to hide.

Plus, Kerry Washington wants California Attorney General Kamala Harris to be our nation's first female President of color and Disney to post alligator warning signs at their Florida resorts.

Police say the Shemel Mercerius was shot to death by 24-year-old Taariq Stephens who later turned himself into the police. The motive behind her murder is not known.

An advisory panel found that Waller County Jail needs a major overhaul including a new facility, better mental health screenings for inmates and a body cam policy for officers.

After the double-homicide of Tarekka Jones and Jalisa Walls-Harris, Kevin Reynolds turned the gun on himself.

Twenty four hours after Gynnya McMillen was taken to a juvenile detention center for an altercation in her home, the teen was found dead in her cell

A Texas grand jury has decided on Monday (Dec. 21) to not issue any indictments in the mysterious prison cell death of Chicago woman, Sandra Bland. Despite video evidence showing a display of excessive force from the arresting officer, the case now remains at a standstill. Houston NBC affiliate KPRC reports: A Waller County Grand Jury […]

Jeff Johnson reminds us that in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement, we can’t forget that black women- as victims, survivors and voices -are a big part of the picture as well as black men. Click on the audio player to hear this elaborated on in this edition of 3 Things You Should Know.  Sign Up […]

We must recognize the stories of women like Sandra Bland, Miriam Carey and Malissa Williams with the same amount of passion and relentlessness as we do for Black men in combatting police brutality.