President Bill Clinton

Check out this African-American designer that both Beyoncé and Mama Tina support.


Recently Shonda Rhimes said that if she could have anyone as a guest star on her show “Scandal,” she would choose Bill Clinton. While I’m sure that won’t happen, there’s always a chance that pigs will fly and Bill Clinton will guest star on “Scandal,” so let me explain why this is a terrible idea. […]

President Bill Clinton delivered a moving speech endorsing President Barack Obama for a second term at the 2012 DNC (Democratic National Convention) that moved millions. Warren Ballentine checked into “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” and discussed the overall impact of President Clinton’s words and highlighted the most powerful part of Bill Clinton’s speech. Text “Rickey” […]

Another former United States President has issued his thoughts on a rap star, with the latest commentary coming from former Chief-of-Staff Bill Clinton, who spoke on Lil Wayne’s pending release from Riker’s Island this Thursday (November 4th).