Usher coincidentally posted his ceremony photos on Valentine's Day.

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The Duchess of Sussex is bringing her iconic sense of style all the way to the Motherland. 

Toni Braxton has been one of the most glamorous R&B starlets of her era and at 51 years of age, she wants the world to know that she’s still holding steady in that department.

If you click on the hashtag #raisingqueens, thousands of photos of Black fathers with their Black daughters will come up. If you keep scrolling, other hashtags like #strongblackfathers will pique your interest. Despite limited depictions of Black father and daughter relationships in mainstream media, social media has a trove of powerful imagery that shows the […]

I first discovered Lela Rochon in the late 80s when Ritchey told his wife he’s never coming home because he fell in love with Sunshine. Sunshine, played by Rochon, was one of the first films that solidified her as a Brown bombshell. But in 1995, with her relatable role as Robin Stokes in Waiting To […]

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Ayesha was asked if she sends “spicy” photos to husband Stephen Curry when he’s on the road and she said, “Hundreds! Hundreds of them!”

Lizzo exudes confidence, has charisma and could care less about what people say about her. From the red carpet dresses to her sexy lingerie photo shoots we just can’t get enough of Lizzo!

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The 49-year-old "Claws" star has one of the best hourglass figures in the game right now!

Here's a look at what ballers have been wearing during their arrival to the arena...