new year’s eve

As they say, who you bring the New Year in with will be who you spend the year with. Get into these celebs who came into to New year together.

In the words of Erykah Badu, “What you gonna do when they come for you?,” we guess her response would be just say, “hi.”

Steve Harvey is hosting Fox’s New Year’s Eve special and Twitter is not ready for his outfit. He is getting comparisons to everyone from Olivia Pope to Carmen Sandiego. Steve had to have known Twitter was going to roast him for this ensemble. See below: […]

 On New Year’s Eve many watch Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin,

After Mariah Carey‘s very eventfully awkward performance on New Years Eve in Times Square, her team pointed fingers at the production staff who worked on the event as the reason the performance went left. But shortly after the performance, she fired her creative director and longtime choreographer Anthony Burrell. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Does […]

People have been ripping Mariah Carey to shreds since her bizarre performance on New Years Eve in Times Square. The possibility of a seamless set was impeded by technical difficulties, and Mariah was very clearly displeased, making her frustrations widely known throughout. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Still, even though Mariah doesn’t have the greatest […]

A new year is usually a sign to many of us to make some changes that we feel will help us better ourselves and grow over the coming months. Nobody wants to be in the same place one year as they were the year before. And Drake is no exception to that rule, as he […]

When the new year rang in, all anybody could talk about was Mariah Carey's mess of a performance.