We had the true honor of speaking with Reverend Wheeler Parker, cousin of the late Emmett Till, to discuss his feelings on the recent passing of a bill that finally recognizes lynching as a hate crime. 

A private investigation by lawyer and civil rights activist Jill Collen Jefferson revealed that at least eight Black people have been lynched in Mississippi since 2000, carrying its unfortunate legacy as the state with the most lynchings on record.

In the last few months, it has been lightly reported the hanging of 6 people of color. It has also been reported these public hangings are suicide attempts but the timing, location, their skin color, and investigation reports seem to say otherwise.

Two men are in jail for sickeningly racist Independence Day incident that went viral.

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. is looking to spread the word about an alleged lynching of a 21-year-old named Taemon Blair.

The practice of lynching in America disrupted the lives of thousands of Black American families for centuries, and now those victims will forever be remembered. The National Memorial for Peace and Justice opened this week in Alabama, and already many are realizing the impact it can have on conversations about racial tensions that exist today. […]

Black freshmen at the University of Pennsylvania targets for lynching in a messaging post. Investigators identify a University of Oklahoma suspect in an ongoing probe.

The president of the Mississippi chapter of the NAACP is calling for a federal hate crime investigation into an incident in which he claims a noose was placed around the neck of a Black high school football player.