We all know Lil' Kim as being the Hip Hop icon, but she is in full mommy mode as well now.

Remy Ma and Lil Kim teamed up for some new heat, called "Wake Me Up.

The long awaited collaboration between Remy Ma and Lil’ Kim is finally here, and the two spitters have a few words for the haters. Check out the track below, which makes use of Lil’ Kim’s classic beat for “Queen B*tch.” Though the two never mention names, it’s clear they want the competition to be humble.

Lil Kim is all about girl power in the rap game, but that doesn’t mean every woman emcee gets a pass. When Lil Kim dropped by Hot 97 this week, she had to clear the air about assumptions that she is not welcoming or inclusive of other women in the industry. “I’m always for the […]

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Some fans weren't sure what to make of the "lighter and brighter" version of the "I'm Better" rapper.