Last night Jose Canseco tweeted claims that Rodriguez has been messing with his ex-wife Jessica behind J.Lo’s back.

Just when we thought Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez were done being petty, their egos have flared up again.

Now that Kid Ink has reached a new level of fame, he gets to meet a lot of beautiful women. He reveals who he thinks has to best celebrity body to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” at Birthday Bash 19. Watch this exclusive video below to hear who he thinks tops everyone! In addition, Kid Ink discusses what […]

According to Gary With Da Tea, Jennifer Lopez might be ending yet another relationship. Her current boyfriend, Casper was reportedly seen getting cozy with transexual! Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear why J.Lo can’t keep a man! Get the latest from Gary’s Tea here and listen LIVE at 7:30 am & 8:30 am EST on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show!‘ RELATED: Did You […]

After getting dumped by Kim Kardashian, soon-to-be ex hubby Kris Humphries made a desperate claim that he was going to save his marriage. As if finding out on TMZ wasn’t bad enough KH reinforced the opinion of most that he is soft as a used baby diaper. But this dumpee is not alone. Bossip.com rounded […]