Apple officially announced the second-generation iPhone SE today (Apr.15). The entry-level smartphone looks like the iPhone 8 but features a home button with Touch ID and other upgrades and starts at $399.

Finally - Apple’s worst-kept secret - the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max are here.


Investigators are saying two Oregon engineering students from China were trying to pull a fast one on Apple of all companies/empires.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is a champion for iPhone owners privacy, but a bug affecting the device’s FaceTime video chat feature that turns the smartphone into a spying tool is shaping up to be the company’s biggest fail yet. Steve Jobs is screaming from the Apple Store in the sky. Monday (Jan 28) iPhone owners […]

Some people think it’s annoying, but others find popping bubble wrap to be quite the stress reliever and a fun way to pass time.

Three men reportedly made off with over 300 new iPhones after taking them from San Francisco delivery truck.

10 years ago the iphone came out and changed many peoples lives.


Sometimes the only response to certain news stories is “how?” That is exactly what many were thinking when they read the news about a woman who made off with a whopping $40,000 worth of iPhones from her local Target store in Virginia. According the New York Daily News, an unidentified woman reportedly dressed as […]

Beyonce drops hints about some major techie news to come.