NEW YORK — Leo O’Brien, who played Richie Greene, the main character “Bruce” Leroy Greene’s younger brother in the movie Last Dragon, was shot three times in Harlem by a friend yesterday in an argument over a chair. O’brien is currently an entrepreneur working in Harlem and has served eight years in jail for various […]

Check out the first visuals from Harlem World’s “Start It Up.”It is the first music video from the group since being reunited after the death of HUD 6. As you all may have heard, “them boys” are back this time without Mase and a few other members. Cardan, Meeno, Suga J and Blinky Blink are […]

So you want to know what to do in Harlem when it’s not Amateur Night or Showtime at the Apollo? Sure we now have big named retailers like Target, Mac, H&M and American Apparel and well known cultural institutions like the Studio Museum and the Schomburg Center for Research in BlackCulture but what about the […]

First Lady Michelle Obama brought her “Let’s Move Campaign” to chilly Harlem Thursday where she broke more than a sweat with area children. Newsone was on hand to see the First Lady crank out a series of pushups and do some jumping jacks and squats. Later, she got the squealing kids skipping and running – […]

During the Harlem Renaissance the uptown nightlife was so legendary that we’re still talking about it 90 years later. Presently, Harlem is experiencing another renaissance with an explosion of arts, culture, community interest and diaspora diversity. For Harlemites who love a soiree it’s exciting that we now have enough swank hot spots to get a […]

Once upon a time Harlem only had a couple of decent restaurants. Patrons had to put up with whatever sub par antics the restaurateur pulled if they wanted to have a meal uptown. Thankfully those days are gone for Harlemites, new visitors, foodies and Harlem lovers. You don’t have to put up with limited choices, […]