Gunna and Turbo’s new video for “Bachelor” enlists classic video vixens. Check out a gallery of these beloved video vixens inside.

Chris Brown and several other Black male celebs have been spotted at Paris Fashion Week. We love to see it! Nothing is more sexy and alluring than a confident man with personality and style.

Donald Trump has made an abrupt change to his legal defense—hiring Gunna’s lawyer—on the same day he is set to surrender at the Fulton County Jail. Trump has replaced high-profile attorney Drew Findling (who previously represented Gucci Mane) with Steve Sadow. Thursday morning, official paperwork was filed by Sadow confirming his representation of the former […]

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Da Brat shares her thoughts on Gunna's case now that he's free and explains why Surviving R. Kelly is back for more. 

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According to WSBTV, Gunna will be released after pleading guilty to RICO and gang charges. The ATL Rapper was originally sentenced to five years in prison alongside rapper Young Thug. Drip or Drown rapper only served one year and is scheduled to be released Gunna has pled guilty to the conspiracy of gang activity […]

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Gunna is currently sitting in a cell awaiting trial after being gobbled up in a RICO charge that also hit Young Thug and his YSL label. The rapper has a tremendous ally in his corner calling for his freedom, Kim Kardashian. Can Kim Kardashian Get Gunna Out of Prison? Kim Kardashian has found another legal […]

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To understand RICO charges better, lets’ take a look at what they actually mean and how they transformed from a law to stop mobsters, into one that puts rappers behind bars. 

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A week after premiering YSL Record's collaborative compilation album Slime Language 2, Young Thug is leading the label and his community. The YSL rap artist was accompanied by label mate Gunna over the weekend to post bail for up to 30 low-level offenders at the Fulton County jail in Georgia.

Gunna released "Drip or Drown 2" and fans better get ready for this 16-track album.