In today's "Eva's Corner," we discuss marriage and the dynamics of following traditions!

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Eva's Corner today is offering some real advice to a husband who's in the closet and looking to figure out what to do next.

Eva shares how it's your responsibility to not get so lost in your partner's life that you forget about your own.

Today's Eva's Corner discusses the double standards when raising teenagers. 

Eva Marcille discusses the signs of a toxic relationship.

In today’s Front Page News, coronavirus cases reach a high one million people and more than 48,000 lives lost. Over 10 million have lost their jobs within the last two weeks.  If you're looking for your stimulus check, they are expected to roll out as early as April 13 but would take up to four or five months to receive. 

Are we talking, dating, courting, in a relationship or what? Eva gives you keys on how to know when the relationship you’re in is serious. Rock T and Rickey reminiscence on the time when Rickey realized Rock T was in love when he “ruined” a boys trip by bringing his now-wife. Listen for direct signs […]

Is there ever a good reason to lie to your partner? That’s the question being asked in this edition of “Eva’s Corner.” Eva Marcille shares a story about a woman who found out her late fiancé had four children she didn’t know about. Watch the video above to hear the Rickey Smiley Morning Show crew […]

A viral video of a crying toddler has caused a huge conversation that is always needed. Ariyonna sat on Instagram live while getting her hair done and she said: “I’m so ugly”.  The hairdresser then started to pour into her with love, affirmations, and inspiration to boost her self confidence. Eva presents the question, what […]