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Following Michael K. Williams' high-profile death, here is a running list of notable Black people who have died from drug overdoses.


Proponents challenging the sentencing guidelines argue that the law largely affected Black populations versus their white counterparts.


While the world patiently waits on the results of the 2020 election there is some good news to report. One state had made the right decision regarding an issue that wrongfully imprisoned thousands. As spotted on Raw Story Oregon has made a power move in regards to true criminal justice reform. On Tuesday, November 3 the […]

Sesame Street has addressed a number of complex issues children face with the utmost care and unflinching honesty at times. Via a character just introduced earlier this year, the popular children’s show tackles the looming specter of opioid addiction. Karli, who Sesame Street fans were introduced to back in May, will be the focus of […]

The cause of death for Toni Braxton’s niece has been announced.

Law enforcement officials announced another major drug bust, this time at the Port of Baltimore.

The gangsters of the 1970s are fading away. Nicky Barnes, one of the biggest heroin dealers of his time in Harlem, has died.


Sixty people have been charged with schemes to illegally distribute millions of pain pills.

A woman’s bizarre actions elsewhere in the world are making international headlines.