Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan's limited-edition DAP GAP hoodies sold out today only minutes after its release.

This week Dapper Dan made history not once but twice. On Wednesday (Nov. 10), the legend received a lifetime achievement award from the fashion industry. As spotted on MSNBC the Harlem, New York native got some of the respect he has long deserved. On Wednesday, November 10 he was recognized by his peers with the Geoffrey […]

After decades of being shunned by premium brands time has proven Hip-Hop is your favorite tastemaker’s tastemaker. One of our elders recently gave the skinny on the culture became such a force. Last week our genre broke more barriers like never before. On September 15 famed auction house Sotheby’s sold off some rather iconic Rap […]

A style robbery has provided one of Hip-Hop’s greatest influencers a once in a lifetime collaborative opportunity. Dapper Dan’s designs with Gucci have finally come to life. On Tuesday, July 17 Gucci and Dapper Dan released their first ever joint collection. Using the luxury fashion house’s preium materials Dap designed an assortment of ready to […]