A lot is going on in today's "Hot Spot" news update, with Cardi B voicing her opinion on the daunting sound of today's rap music, a new mixtape from R&B crooner Bryson Tiller and more.

Bryson Tiller changed the game with the release of his 2015 album T R A P S O U L, and fans have been yearning for more ever since.

Malia Obama had better things to do this year than attend the Democratic National Convention.

Bryson Tiller hung out with the morning show cast, and talked about which artists have become some of his best friends in the industry, and the article in Forbes magazine that inspired him to accomplish some of the major goals that landed him where his career is now. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Plus, he talks about […]

Bryson Tiller is making major moves in his career already.

Bryson Tiller talks about his survival job working at Papa John’s before he made it big, and his days of living in his car. He opens up about adjusting to life on his first tour ever, and being away from his two year old daughter for the first time. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Plus, he […]

Bryson Tiller‘s R&B hit, “Don’t,” surprised him by blowing up within a year of him dropping it after he recorded it in his living room. The song- and yes, it reminds us of Drake, too -was played almost 18 million times. The rapid response prompted the release of Tiller’s music video. As Tiller reps his home […]