Here's the latest news surrounding George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

Writer Cate Young launched an initiative called #BirthdayForBreonna in order to not only honor Taylor but to hold those responsible for her death accountable.

Prosecutors dropped attempted murder charges against Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend who fired at officers as they entered their apartment in search of drugs.

Members of Louisville’s Metro Police Department will be required to wear body cameras after the death of Breonna Taylor, a decorated EMT, who was fatally shot by police while she slept in her apartment on March 13.

Attorney Benjamin Crump talks about police brutality and the Breonna Taylor case.

A Kentucky community is left looking for answers two months after police shoot and kill a Black woman in her home. According to published reports, Breonna Taylor, an EMT worker, was fatally shot and killed in her home while sleeping after officers with the Louisville Metro Police Department executed a search warrant at the wrong […]