We need Black folks on both sides of the aisle — Democrat and Republican. However, being a Republican in the age of Trump is a whole other level of Republician-ism. Our current POTUS has sympathized with neo-Nazis, disrespected gold star families of color, thought Frederick Douglas was still alive, known for language like “That’s my […]


When Donald Trump famously asked Black people what they had to lose by voting for him, he probably never imagined he would be the one on the losing end of that hollow proposition.

College juniors Alexis Hasty and Daisha Martin believe that the new POTUS, the same man who isn't sure who Frederick Douglass is, truly cares about us.

Bernice Jenkins has an announcement for all the black republicans. The church is showing an important free screen of some informative content, specifically for them. Listen to the audio player to hear more details in these Church Announcements! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Get the latest announcements from Bernice Jenkins here and listen LIVE weekdays from 6-10 a.m. EST to “The […]

NewsOne’s PolitickerOne blog tackles some of the most important topics in politics: Election 2016, moves by the Obama administration, voting rights, lawmaking, and the way…

Numbers say 10 percent of African-Americans voted republican in the mid term election. Will the same happen in the next presidential? Listen to Jeff Johnson discuss what black people need to focus on that doesn’t include either political party in this edition of 3 Things You Should Know. Text GOSSIP To 71007 To Get The Hottest Gossip Daily! Reply Help […]