Inside are select short and rare clips of Malcolm X speaking that we hope will inspire you as they have inspired many of us. The post Malcolm X In His Own Words: Rare Videos Of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz That Are Still Relevant appeared first on NewsOne.

Black History Month

"Lift Every Every Voice And Sing," a poem written by James Weldon Johnson - often dubbed "The Black National Anthem" - was first performed Feb. 12, 1900. Here's what you need to know about it. The post ‘Lift Every Voice And Sing’: The True Story Of The Black National Anthem appeared first on NewsOne.

Some fashion staples will simply always be associated with the musician who initially rocked it. The post 15 Most Defining Fashion Statements In Black Music History appeared first on Black America Web.

Good News

A Harlem-based high school squash team will become the first all-Black squad to compete in the national championships. The post Harlem-Based High School Squash Team Makes Sports History appeared first on NewsOne.

The two Texas natives with be facing off against each other in Super Bowl LVII, making them the first Black starting quarterbacks in NFL history.

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October marks the start of the country's month-long Black History celebration that commemorates the achievements of Black British and Afro-Caribbean people throughout the UK.

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Here are five examples of prominent African Americans who are making Black history by continuously breaking barriers.

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A portion of the proceeds will go to 6 civil rights organizations.

With Black History Month upon us, there may be no better time to reflect on the timeless and seemingly endless contributions that Black people have bestowed upon these United States.