As far as I'm concerned, beauty content creators directly contribute to the fly girl ecosystem.

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A debate on social media over professional make-up prices has us thinking, how much is too much to pay for professional makeup?

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Let's face it, celebrities endorse a lot of products and can make anything look good. But what items are actually worth your dollars? Here are 10 celebrity-owned beauty companies that are reviewer-approved.

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Last week a video went viral showing a hairdresser pour love and affirmations into a four-year-old girl after she talked down to herself while looking at her reflection in the camera. The hairdresser named Shabria who goes by the name @LilWaveDaddy on social media was shown as she was tightening the dreadlocks of a little […]

If white folks were hoping to ruin Bea Dixon for saying she hopes to inspire Black girls, that plan sure did backfire,


This case of mistaken identity for a group of wanted shoplifters shows that even in 2020, we still all look alike to some folks.

Cynthia Bailey is opening a wine shop called, ‘The Bailey Wine Cellar soon.