The vindicated sexual assault survivor claims that letting go of her rage has given her peace.

Bill Cosby and his epic fall from grace culminated in a conviction last month that brought justice one step closer for one of the entertainer’s many accusers. Andrea Constand has been absent from the public eye but in an upcoming interview, she shares some of the horrifying details of Cosby’s assault against her. writes: […]

The latest judge to review Cosby's sexual assault case said a verbal immunity deal from 11 years ago doesn't stop prosecutors from putting the comedian on trial now.

Plus, Camille Cosby's lawyers file an appeal to stop her from being forced to testify against her husband in a pending defamation suit.

An estimated 50 women have accused Cosby of sexual assault. Some of his longtime fans and supporters, however, have never bought into the allegations.

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"They want us all to have an asterisk by our name," Griffin said in a video interview with hip-hop website VladTV. “Nobody leaves this business clean."

  I’m not entirely sure I believe comedian Hannibal Buress when he says he didn’t think making an onstage joke about Bill Cosby’s (pictured) history…