12 Years a Slave

Bernice Jenkins announces that funds must be raised for Deacon Stanley Gibbs’ bail after he rented “12 Years A Slave.” Listen to the audio player to hear more about what happened to him in these hilarious Church Announcements! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Get the latest announcements from Bernice Jenkins here and listen LIVE weekdays from 6-10 a.m. EST to “The Rickey […]

While we definitely honor and acknowledge black history all year round, February 1st marks the official start of Black History Month – a time of…

The nominations for The Golden Globes and SAG (The Screen Actor’s Guild) were announced this week and there were many welcomed surprises such as: Chiwetel Ejiofor has been nominated for best actor for “12 Years a Slave” Lupita Nyong’o has been nominated for best supporting actress for “12 Years a Slave” John Ridley has been […]

Mr. West has officially left the building and gone out to lunch. MUST READ: Marissa Alexander Proposes Conditions For Release On Bail In a podcast with Bret…

Imagine for a minute that you’re walking down the street, you’re not doing anything special just getting some groceries, or cigarettes or maybe you’re just taking a walk around the block. Now imagine being offered a job by two people you’ve never met, but the money is good and you have nothing better to do […]

Bernice Jenkins announced there will be auditions held for the Fall jubilee “12 Years A Slave” stage play. Listen to today’s Church Announcements in the audio to hear what the requirements are! Get Breaking News You Want To Know About On Your Phone Get the latest announcements from Bernice here and don’t forget to listen LIVE weekdays from 6-10am EST to “The Rickey […]