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Terrence J and Marlon Wayans

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Social media was baffled by an Instagram Live discussion between entertainer Marlon Wayans and actor Terrence J. later described my Terrence J as a fake roast, a “comedy parody show” written by Marlon Wayans.

At one point, it was less of a discussion and more of a back-and-forth argument where Terrence J accused Marlon of relying on his family for his success. “Get off of Keenan Ivory Wayan’s lap,” said Terrence at one point in the Live.

The heated incident occurred a few months ago, according to YouTube videos posted online. However, one segment was uploaded to Twitter causing Terrence J to trend.

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The full Live conversation first started getting heated when Terrence J told Marlon that he never saw him wearing Black-owned designer clothes. This caused Marlon to carry his camera to his wardrobe to show off some of his Black-owned gear. “Let’s go upstairs and show you the Black designers that I support,” Marlon said as he proceeded to show Terrence J brands like Off White by Virgil Abloh and Fear of God by Jerry Lorenzo. “I got racks on racks on racks of Black designers my nigga.”

The showcase apparently caused Terrence J to take things to the next level because soon he told Marlon, “let me school you on something young man.” Marlon replied, “Talk to me. You ain’t gonna school me, I’m a grown-ass man.”

Granted, Mr. Wayans is 47 years old, while Terrence J is 38.

Eventually, Terrence J completely came out of left-field and said, “This ain’t all about your family. Your family can’t bail you out of this one. There are people in the world that are not Wayans people.”

Marlon responded, “Let me tell you something about my family. I don’t never need them to bail me out of nothing…they raised me. If you ever think I’m great because of me, I’m not. I’m great because of the tribe.”

At this point, Terrence is talking over Marlon saying, “Take Shawn’s nipple out of your mouth,” referring to Marlon’s brother and fellow comedian Shawn Wayans.

“You gonna respect the tribe,” Marlon continued.

As the two continued to talk over each other, Terrence asked, “You can’t talk to me for two seconds,” to which Marlon replied, “Naw because you disrespecting the culture.”

Things continued to escalate when Terrence told Marlon, “Get off of Keenan Ivory Wayans’ lap for just two seconds.”

“Now you talking crazy,” Marlon responded. “You talking about the God.”

Keenan Ivory Wayan’s was the first of the Wayans family to reach major success thanks to his parody movies like “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” and his groundbreaking sketch comedy show “In Living Color.” With such movies, Keenan was able to feature some of his family members, including Marlon Wayans, which helped catapult him to his own comedic stardom with shows like “The Wayans Bros.”

Terrence J seemed to feel some type of way about Marlon’s avenue towards success because he continued, “Some of us have to make it on our own, we can’t have our family to fucking lift us up all the time.” Then Terrence started flaunting his alma mater North Carolina A&T, claiming he was a “self-made millionaire.” He even went as far as to reference his fratery Omega Psi Phi and started barking. “As soon as I bark, dogs bark back,” said Terrence.

“The Wayans family don’t got it like us,” he added.

Despite their heated discussion, the two seem to be used to this type of banter, considering Terrence and Marlon take jabs at each other in other Instagram Live videos.

Even in the clip involving the Wayans family debate, Marlon comes after Terrence J’s appearance, and the two debate their friendship in a way that verges on serious and playful.

Social media was both entertained and furious. Folks seem to side with Marlon more. Check out some Twitter responses for yourself below.


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